Born into a musical family, WG began piano studies at age seven.  Seven years later, he fell in love with the double bass.  With his piano and music theory foundation, he quickly developed his bassist skill.

At age 16, W-G Plus 3, was founded.  The quartet’s pianist was the now- famous Neil Larsen. W-G and Larsen attained a two year weekend jazz club gig at the early ages of 16 and 15, and worked together for 5 years until they both were drafted into the Army.

W-G has always stayed in his jazz roots both on piano and double bass.  His musical influences include Miles Davis, Charlie Haden, Paul Chambers, Francois Moutin, Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans, Tony Williams, and Ira Sullivan.

As a young man, W-G was introduced to the jazz great, Ira Sullivan. Having this opportunity nurtured his understanding of the importance of jazz roots. Ira and W-G remain friends to this day and recently performed together.   Ira was 84 years of age and played his best.  It was quite a reunion for these old friends.

Most recently, W-G has played with Pat Mallinger, Martin Bejerano, Mark Small, Jim Ryan, Mike Piolet, Rodolfo Zenega, John Yarling, Ira Sullivan, Bill Gerhardt, Stephen Scott, Nathan Skinner, and Allan Harris.

W-G has appeared on various recordings and composed the original music and performed on the albums One Window and Songs for My Friends, a solo piano recording.

His love of the Mediterranean brought him to reside by the Sea.  Retired from all but his love for an experience-oriented life and music, he is now part of Middle Sea Jazz.  He intends to offer his experience and passion through his playing, composing, and MSJ activities.