Seaside Daydreams

Some of my Seaside Daydreams compositions were inspired by hushed Mediterranean moments with tall cliffs, rocky shores, or ancient fields.  A languid, midnight moonrise flowed into the title of one song.  

The title song joined Lana, me, and Pina Coladas as we, and more than 100 others, sank into silence in reverence to an extraordinary island sunset.

I believe everyone still daydreams, especially along the sea.  Rhythmical waves, the sound of rolling pebbles from the retreating shore waves, and singing breezes let us become a hermit in our mind.  The experience writes a song for me.  Perhaps, in your own way, it also writes for you.

In whatever way you find your hushed moments, I hope my songs help persuade peace to take its part in your life.