Middle Sea Jazz is part of the Lana Sorrento Collection.  Creativity in life and community are the foundation of Lana Sorrento’s focus on imagination and expanded experiences.  Middle Sea Jazz accentuates authentic music values as a way of life and cultural necessity. We provide a multi-layered approach to our jazz lives.


There are many natural barriers to the joining together of ideas, friendships, and personal acceptance.  With MSJ, we do our best to create musical opportunities that promote integration and a better life while we have fun making great music.

Jazz is a positive example of a subtle ability to surround a common mark and seize opportunities to make the world a better place.  Our lives are blessed with a place in the world where we can offer service while also enriching ourselves.


CALMATIVE JAZZ COMPOSITIONS AND RECORDINGS apply mainstream jazz essence and expression through original Middle Sea Jazz compositions.  These offer a welcome interlude and a hiatus from busy life while staying true to the art of jazz.

MILIEU JAZZ COMPOSITIONS AND RECORDINGS turn point-of-compass inspirations into evocative expressions of amazing global locations.  These location-energized compositions warmly convey the experiences of the Mediterranean Sea through original songs composed and recorded by WG.