Middle Sea Jazz is part of the Lana Sorrento Collection.  Creativity in life and service are the foundation of Lana Sorrento’s  focus on imagination and expanded experiences.  Middle Sea Jazz brings decades of American jazz excellence in workshops and performances to the Mediterranean. Many of the famous American artists who have been part of past U.S.A. projects will join in the EU workshops and performances.

Middle Sea Jazz provides multiple layers of education, performance, recording, and music production/sales which are based on the authenticity of the founder’s music values.


The JAZZ SESSIONS EXPERIENCE offers the opportunity for younger jazz artists to play with mature, successful jazz artists in an informal setting.  Playing with these outstanding musicians combines with relaxed conversations and instructions and offer a rapport and development rarely experienced in classrooms.

MIDDLE SEA WORKSHOPS bring prominent jazz music performer/educators into a flexible setting based on approach, method, and creativity.  In these workshops, awareness and conception take precedence over theorem.


SOPHISTICATED LIVE PERFORMANCES feature a placid jazz approach to intimate live settings. In these venues, Middle Sea Jazz musicians become a part of the venue ambiance instead of monopolizing the focus.  This is an important facet for the more sophisticated establishments.

CONCERTS – FESTIVALS – JAZZ CLUBS Middle Sea Jazz adheres to a philosophy of familiarity in its song choices.  While our musicians may present some original compositions of a similar expression, it is our experience that classic standards evoke a positive response via recognition and associated emotion.  Applying classic jazz style, our musicians make these beautiful songs more beautiful.


CALMATIVE JAZZ COMPOSITIONS AND RECORDINGS apply mainstream jazz essence and expression through original Middle Sea Jazz compositions.  These offer a welcome interlude and a hiatus from busy life while staying true to the art of jazz.

MILIEU JAZZ COMPOSITIONS AND RECORDINGS turn point-of-compass inspirations into evocative expressions of amazing global locations.  These location-energized compositions warmly convey the experiences of the Mediterranean Sea through original songs composed and recorded by our musicians.

Lana and Friends