Lana Sorrento embodies authenticity, imagination and expanded possibilities.  Her love of jazz deepens her experience-oriented life while creating unique musical opportunities that are expansive and meaningful for herself and WG, as well as for those who join in the fun.

Lana is a lover and patron of slow travel, fast friendships and a meaningful life.  She is a writer, world traveller, and producer of jazz performances and recordings as part of the Lana Sorrento Collection.  Lana’s lifestyle and charitable work enrichens her cultural understanding and contributes to uniting the global community through music and personal interaction.

Lana has produced many live events featuring notable jazz artists in the U.S.A and the EU.  She is a founder and Administrator of Caelum et Terra Foundation and works within the Foundation’s mission to change the quality of life for all people through awareness, education and support.

Lana and Middle Sea Jazz are committed to awakening and revealing a deeper meaning for jazz and artistic life.  This is exemplified in the authenticity of her writing and daily life as she moves through different cultures as a diplomate of all she believes.