Jazz Pianist WG and Middle Sea Jazz have set the mood for many glamorous and fun events.  Our goal is to enhance the guests experience in all  atmospheres whether using a Solo Piano or the Full Jazz Compliment.

Lana Sorrento

Middle Sea has a unique way of enhancing solo performances into a true live jazz trio sound.

WG utilizes unique sound production technology that provides real-time bass, drums and other instruments to accompany his piano meaning that all musical parts are live in the venue.

This differs from the standardized, pre-recorded backing tracks, drum machines, and recording loops that have become so common in performances. It truly is a live performance.

Always Capri

 Jazz Pianist: WG


WG began piano studies at age seven.  Seven years later, he fell in love with the double bass.  At age 16, W-G Plus 3, was founded.  The quartet’s pianist was the now- famous Neil Larsen. W-G and Larsen began working as professional jazz musicians while still attending high school.

W-G currently performs mostly piano jazz.  His musical influences include many of the piano and bass greats but he has perhaps been influenced and helped most by the legendary Ira Sullivan who WG met at age 17 and remains friends to this day.

WG’s sensitive, lyrical playing is reflected in his original compositions.  W-G has appeared on numerous jazz recordings.  He composed the original music and performed on his albums, One Window, Songs for My Friends and Seaside Daydreams – a recent album of his compositions inspired by hushed Mediterranean moments.

Middle Sea Jazz &

Middle Sea Jazz has superb well-known American and European musicians available to work with WG for any type of event.

Why WG & MSJ?


We know how to serve those who demand the best. Our goal is enhance the experience by fitting in with your luxury venue’s concept.

With this in mind, MSJ ensures our musicians serve as atmosphere not luminaries. We understand that the musician’s role is as an ambassador for you and your business.

Our real-time flexible playlists are driven by audience response and venue management.


By using the Bose L1 Sound Array Technology, we can guarantee the sound’s quality sounds the same right up front or farthest away.

This high-tech sound allows us to keep sound clear while suitable for conversation. Also, no disruptive sound checks are needed and set-up (for solo performances) is completed in less than 10 minutes.

Party of the Century’s Charity Ball at President Trump’s Mar-a-lago, Palm Beach: A celebrity filled event celebrating 100 years of the American Cancer Society. A jazz fan, the President publicly praised the Middle Sea Jazz Trio and their contribution to the event.

Palm Beach Jazz Sessions:An annual eight-week intimate Palm Beach concert series .

Numerous Luxury Hotels, Private Mansion Parties, and other sophisticated venues.

United Nations (UNESCO): Sponsored International Jazz Day Concerts in the EU.

Jazz Clubs, Festivals, and Concert Halls throughout the U.S. and beyond.